This Fidogazette page was created and provided by Janis Kracht from and I
would like to express my appreciation for my being able to make the information available

The Fidogazette is an alternative Ezine published by Fidonet supporting Fidonet
and BBSing. Fidogazette is published by Janis Kracht, Editor, with the help of Richard Webb
1:116/901 (Old School ToolBox), and Sean Dennis 1:18/200 (The Slightly Crusty Sysop).
If you have an idea for a column or a series of articles, please contact me :)

If you WOULD like to submit an article, feel free to drop your article off at:

By email attach to address: janis @ Fidonet attach: Janis Kracht at 1:261/38
Modem: 607-655-5652 Via binkp or telnet mailer 1:261/100 port 24555
(don't send articles as routed attaches, send them direct to


Fidogazette publications in readable form: